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Who are we ?

Set up at the end of 2012, Cerafast is a young company which emerged from the restructuring of Diatomic and Diadem, two leading companies in optical fibre connector technology, micro-ceramics and dental prosthetics.

Cerafast is a member of PIC (Pyrnes Industries Cramiques), the Midi-Pyrnes technical ceramics cluster, which reveals its commitment and strong roots in the world of ceramics.

Cerafast can rely on its links and contacts with the other PIC companies in order to command of hi-tech material.
Like other companies in the Tarbes area, Cerafast has specialised in producing technical ceramic products but specialised in high-accuracy small dimension items.

They have developed a tried and tested, reliable manufacturing process, from raw material reception to final product.
From the start, Cerafast has been innovating in the green machining of ceramic materials, making it possible for the firm to enlarge the field of application of these materials to encompass the techniques of fast prototyping.