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The process ceramic prototyping

The shaping and manufacturing technologies of ceramics generally use powder condensation techniques. These techniques are not adapted to the easy production of low-cost, short notice prototypes or pilot products since they require the creation of expensive and complex tools.

Well-proven in dentistry, this technique is based on the machining of raw or pre-sintered ceramic products.

The alternative we propose makes innovative use of 3D and CAD/CAM engineering techniques for ceramics thanks to raw machining which side-steps tool creation.

As in other prototyping techniques, we have at our disposal a complete range of computer tools to access this technology: on the basis of your 3D files (STEP, CATPART, SLDPRT, STL, IGES, …), we design a tooling process securing the shaping of the product on our HSC (High Speed Cutting) tooling chains.

Thanks to this process we can produce complex-shaped parts at short notice, strictly complying to your specifications, and with a guarantee of flexibility and reactivity on all industrial projects.

Thanks to careful removal and sintering we obtain off-furnace accuracy close to 1/100th of a millimetre.

Another advantage: grinding phases can be skipped or greatly reduced.

Unavoidable precision grinding operations are performed by qualified and experienced staff.

This technology is capable of producing a unique prototype as well as a series of several thousand parts in mass production.

Once the prototype is vetted, we able to proceed rapidly to pilot or large-scale production.